Its not necessary that living beings are alive..

Hii readers….!!!

So the question is that who are we? are we alive? or we our just a body which is termed as alive but we are’nt…

According to science it will be termed as if u can move by yourself,can speak,canv breathe than you are a living being such as animal,insects, human beings, etc.Is it true in real life?

the answer is no for sure . Because the person the human being who is just living wasting time is having no worth so why would we termed them as a fact that they are alive they are just a living being but are not alive this not a just a fact which i thought and expressing to all of you..

But the major example of a person who are not alive is the rapist….they are just a dead body leaving at a place and increasing weight of a planet, infact they should be punished. they should get a punishment of a direct dead their is not a requirement of such a youth in this planet…its a curse for a mother give birth to such a child. she might be thinking of that why she gave birth to such a peoples,and now its a big thing if a mother who is known for their love with their children is thinking such a thing that such type of a person should’nt take birth!!



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