What is the real Success?

Hii readers….!!

Now a days everyone wants success in their life’s as it is now a major dream of todays youth,but what do they all mean by success? what is the exact meaning of success? So let’s talk about this topic:

So we all gather here to know the exact meaning of success.

Success maybe termed as different ways according to their needs, such as success for rich maybe different from poor.For example let us assume that a person is having a normal car his dream would be buying a luxury one ,similarly a person having a bike will dream for a car ,and a person having a cycle would dream for a bike and a person having nothing will dream for a cycle,and when they achieve their dreams it will be termed as they got success. so from this we concluded that success maybe differ for person to person. But i would like to say it only a goal which has been achieved or a short term success Because success is really what we want in life for betterment of our future.

According to me The exact meaning of success is too get freedom in life means what a person want he can do without any boundaries, where he/she wanna travel they can travel with no tension of money with no restrictions,whatever they wants to buy they can buy and not just fullfill their needs also fullfill their passion.

Freedom in life is the major dream of everyone, everybody wants freedom from tension of money, from restrictions due to less money etc.

So what does it require to achieve freedom (success) in life does it require hard work only ? so the answer is no it does not only require hard work inspite of it , it also requires a smart work with a beautifull plan and great ideas for future goals.

But there are some parts which playes major role as negative side i.e distraction,comfort zone,etc.

So, what is after freedom? what we should do after we achieve our goals have a freedom,money,etc. so the answer is we should create another Way by making some new goals because life is like a cycle which has to move so keep staying will make u be at zero so lets make a goal achieve it and find another one….!!!!



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