Think and grow rich

‘Think and grow rich’ is a best self grow rich book written by author Napolean Hill. He himself is a millionaire from writing books and now inspiring other to be the same level of riches from his researches….He spent a lot years and interviewed more then 500 richest person to find the secret of success.

His philosophy is that anyone who is ready to achieve what he desire for, he might get it but the first one to do is thinking if you have your dream as your imagination then you will grow rich. so thinking is the major process and then growing is the second one.

His research said that for growing rich a definite mindset is required one with definite mindset can get great achievements.So once have a look on this book and give us your beautiful comments regarding this book.


Never cry

Crying in front of people is like bleeding next to a shark and its a next level thing. Karma says Don’t cry in front of anyone, some will be happy to see that you have pain and some don’t care about it.So being alone is the key that unlocks all tha hardest locks.

First love of life is you for yourself so have a success on your tips with our major rules and that is Success is the only option, having a luxury life is not an option its a need of your mind and need are made to be done, be alone don’t tell anyone your plans i repeat not to anyone because people love to ruin things and you will not like your success ruining in front of you due to someone else decision or ideas. let them say that you are wrong,you ideas are not going to work do not reply them with your explanation reply them with your lead and others defeat.

Don’t cry in front of anyone, some will be happy to see that you have pain and some don’t care about it


When the day you will win they will focus on what you get from those wins ,it is similar to that if you have lamborghini not any father of girls is going to ask you that how much have you studied, the main is that you have much to fulfill your needs and desire by following your passion.

Everyone is unique

Not everyone will understand you, and that’s okay at all.You are here to live your life, not to make everyone understand. One should not reveal itself to everyone Keep your self like a mysterious person, let people have an image of yours in their mind Because as it is written not everyone will understand you they will create your image as per they need you.

God has made everyone in their unique way and their destiny has an unique path, So keep yourself in private and search for your own path for creating your future and write your name in bold golden letters in the book of history.

Karma says “They want you as per their requirements” So lets stop this shit of impressing others, making yourself at top in your own mindset is hard enough and doing hard works gives the best outcome.

Be rich

The goal is to be rich not to look rich having struggles will make you look rich when you will get the result. The day your hustle will over your comfort will start and you will have your dream life…Your success your goals will be in your hand - A luxury mansion,royal car,Travelling and enjoying.and due to that achievements you will realize the worth of your struggles !!!!

8 Signs of FAKE nice people you need to be aware of

1-Genuine People

They are nice and helpful most of the time

Fake People

They are only nice when they have hidden agenda

2-Genuine People

They admire others and often praise others

Fake people

They criticize others to make themselves look great

3-Genuine People

They always try their best to live up their promises 

Fake People

They make commitments easily but seldom keep them

4-Genuine People

They express their opinion openly 

Fake People

They gossip a lot

5-Genuine People

They are not attention seeker

Fake People

They are desperate from attention

6-Genuine People

They don't try to make people like them

Fake People

They try hard to make people like them

7-Genuine People

They don't brag

Fake People

They show off all the time

8-Genuine People

They respect everyone most of the time

Fake People

They only respect people with power

How to Love A MAN?

He does not want extravagant gifts or
expensive dates. after a long day, all he
wants is to come to a smile that feels like
home. it is okay if you forget to wish him
on his birthday; just remember to buy
him biryani to make up for it.

Give him his personal space. do not invade his privacy or try to fix things for him. at the end of the day, we all need our space to keep ourselves sane. know that he does not need you to solve his problems –
he just needs you to be there for him.

let him know he can be himself with you.
all throughout life, men are expected to be tough and unemotional. make him feel safe and loved. do not trivialize his issues or laugh at them. make sure he knows it is okay to be vulnerable with you.

accept his flaws as a part of him. it is
impossible to be perfect; do not be hard on him for that. he will have issues but those are what make him human. do not fixate on his shortcomings; hold his hand while he tries to work on them.

make him feel good. It is natural that on
some days, he would put in more effort and vice versa. but do not let the inputs get one-sided. go out of way to make him feel special – take him to a movie, surprise him or even ask him about how his day went by.

for the most part, it is simple to keep him
happy. understand that there will be hard days, both for you and him. and all you’ve to do is to be there for him.

He wants You…!!!

He desirely wants you at any figure on

How may he fail to recall the happiness of his may he ignore your thoughts being at the top of his priority list.

He beg for the ever first thing to be with him and that was you but why you refused him for such a small blunder """It was an unknown thing done by then from an unknown person from an unknown reason""".

Days without her be like-









  • Moan-Moan is defined as to complain or grieve about something or to utter a low, long sound of pain…
  • Tears- Tears is defined as crying…
  • Waste-Waste (or wastes) are unwanted or unusable materials. Waste is any substance which is discarded after primary use, or is worthless, defective and of no use…
  • Thirst-Thirst is defined as having a strong desire for something…
  • Fright-Fright is defined as a sudden intense feeling of fear…
  • Shatter-Shatter is defined as break or cause to break suddenly and violently into pieces…
  • Sad-Sad is defined as feeling or showing sorrow; unhappy

Love Hurts

Love hurts when the one you love dont loves you back…

Love hurts when the one you want is not with you…

Love hurts when you want her but she want someone else…

Love hurts when you are not allowed to talk to her…

Love hurts when you are not allowed to meet her…

Love hurts when you are alone…

Love hurts when she starts ignoring you…

Love hurts when she leaves you,without telling you…

-It hurts It hurts It hurts

A boy will always choose a girl who…?

A boy will always choose a girl who…???

A girl who can take his side even in ups and downs…

A girl who can remove his bad habits and show care for him…

A girl who can fight with anyone and anywhere with him…

A girl who believe in him no matter what people think about them…

A girl for whom looks and financial stats doesn’t matter…

A girl who be his listener,not only his speaker…