She Is so special {is=was}

She is so special, She is the one who i love who i care who i respect and who i want forever in life.It is a happiest moment when i got a chance to talk with her, it is a happiest moment when i see her it made my day…..

But now i=was ,means she was the one.

I just lost her, i lost the gem from my life, Mistake was mine but i did’nt expected this from my life, I did’nt expected that from whom my day start, after whom my day ends will now be no longer with me.Yes i did a mistake but small mistakes could be avoided,small mistakes could be unseen or it could be punished but in a needy way . she punished me for my mistake but i was not meant for this punishment i was not ready for this one……it makes me too deep.she threw me out of her life not even knowing that what effect will it made up to me.For months of my life i tried ,i said sorry, i did everything i could – Just for she to forgive me. But once she said that if she will not talk to me she will be happy ;her moments will be happy her day will be good.then i stoped trying!!!Because i can even destroy myself just for seeing her smile…..!!!

Yess it hurts alot if you tried a lot but didnt get a result.yess it hurts alot if you are in the priority list of your special one and now you are in the blocklist of her.I thought life was so perfect i have my favourite person i used to talk with her daily.but life sucks damn harder it brokes you it makes you will empty.

She was not in my mind she was in my heart taking a majority without her ,now how could i leave with minority of my heart being alive if major part of it is already dead.

Inspite of knowing that she meant a lot to you and she leaves you it gives the deepest sad feeling ever.#Shewastheone

Psychology says:when you have a habit of talking to someone ,A day without talking to them feels like a year……but now its a year not talking with her it may feels like worst.


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